A graphic designer whose work revolves around the development of visual and conceptual methodologies applicable to multiple outputs and media. Work is concerned with research that informs both print & digital forms of publishing, identity, video, installation, web content, and writing.

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Rectangle workshop, CCS, 20 - 21 March, 2019

"This workshop will focus on tools and methodologies for designing archives. We will discuss our recent work with Airwars, and the specific tools and techniques we used to redesign their process for assessing civilian casualty incidents in international conflicts.

Specifically, we will look at ways of adapting simple and commonly used tools such as Wordress to highly specific and information-heavy uses. Over the course of the workshop, participants will design and build an archive, tools to populate that it, and an interface to explore it.

The workshop will aim to explore these techniques, and to demonstrate how by turning raw data into structured information, information can become more powerful, consequential, and actionable." -Lizzie Malcomb & Daniel Powers [Rectangle]