A graphic designer whose work revolves around the development of visual and conceptual methodologies applicable to multiple outputs and media. Work is concerned with research that informs both print & digital forms of publishing, identity, video, installation, web content, and writing.

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For feelings of affection and moments of extraordinary expression.
Derived from the movement and mark-making of the fountain pen, Wretched is a sharp versatile typeface that encourages a close look. Usable at most any size, though it seems best utilized when dealing with large amounts of text at a lower point size. Delicate yet aggressive, Wretched was designed with passionate language in mind.

An interface was created to showcase the typeface within a digital environment while hinting at the research that went into its creation. French poetry was used as inspiration when forming a concept for how the type should feel. The interaction mimics the act of opening an intimate note passed between lovers and reveals a disconnected piece of poetic language written by Victor Hugo.